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SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following [Part 2]

In previous post I discussed the first installment of SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following. In this post I am going to discuss some more SEO methods, which are either not that much effective or no longer works. Cloaking:- Cloaking is usually intended to completely fool the search engine’s algorithms and search engines [...]

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SEO Tactics Which You Should Immediately Stop Following [Part 1]

BB9JKBRDBDM4 SEO world changes rapidly, new tactics arrives in the field after every new Google algorithm version, so with the time and according to Top SEO Services guidelines we need to change our SEO strategy too. Here are some tactics which are old and you shouldn’t follow anymore:- Congestion of keywords into the Meta Description:- [...]

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Blogging Advantages

Why Should You Have A Blog?

Initially, writing posts on blog platforms was considered as expression of personal views about something like a journal or diary but nowadays it is a powerful tool of sharing valuable information online with people to establish their online presence. It has been used by individuals and Online Marketing Experts for setting up their digital marketing [...]

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Digital Marketing

Why And How To Build A Landing Page?

A simple definition of landing page:- Landing page is a webpage that enables you to acquire information of your webpage’s visitor through a form to make a successful digital marketing campaign. Why should we build landing pages? There are several reasons to build landing pages to maximize the output of a marketing campaign, here are [...]

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Include Google Alerts In Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Google Alerts is a powerful tool available for free but it is often ignored. This tool monitors the internet for words and phrases and sends you an e-mail or updates an RSS feed every time it finds a new result. Not many people have utilized this tool to maximize the outcome; if you include this [...]

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